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Yakult Fermented Probiotic Health Drinks Benefits


What is Yakult?

Yakult is a fermented milk drink that contains high-quality probiotics. Yakult drink contains over 6.5 billion good bacteria (Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota). 

Many scientific articles have been published, and there is ample evidence that the bacteria in it are resistant to stomach acids and bile, allowing them to survive in the small intestine. 

Yakult drink helps to promote digestion and immunity when consumed daily. Yakult, unlike yogurt, is free of artificial colors and preservatives, making it a leading probiotic dairy item. 

In comparison to other probiotic dairy products on the market today, Yakult’s drink is thought to contain the highest concentration of probiotics. 

Even though probiotics are among the tiniest nutritional/dietary products on the market today in terms of mere size, their potential continues to rise with a growing body of clinical evidence.

What is Yakult Made Of?

Primarily yakult drink is made up of these components: – Water, skimmed milk, glucose-fructose syrup, sugar, and live Lactobacillus casei Shirota bacteria. 

In the market, this drink is available in two varieties. The first one is yakult+ and the second one is yakult light. Light is a lower-calorie version to Yakult, including less sugar and sweeteners, and is supplemented with vitamin D and E. (maltitol syrup and steviol glycosides). Both drinks are fat-free, gluten-free, vegetarian-friendly, and free of artificial colors and preservatives.

Nutritional Calorie Count of Yakult Drink

As discussed above Yakult drink is available in two varieties. So In this article, we’ll be discussing the nutritional value of each of them individually.


Nutritional valuePer 100ml Per 65ml
Energy 280kj/66kcal182kj/43kcal
Fat 0gm0gm
Saturated fat0gm0gm

Yakult light

Nutritional valuePer 100mlPer 65ml
Energy 171kj/41kcal111kj/27kcal
Fat 0gm0gm
Saturated fat0gm0gm
Vitamin D 1.15ug 0.75ug
Vitamin E 2.77mg1.80mg

Heath Benefits of Yakult Drink


It is a very popular pre-biotic drink. The Health benefits of yakult are numerous which we’ll be discussing further in this article. It is suitable for both children and adults. It is also safe for pregnant women to ingest. Drinking one bottle of it every day has several health advantages. 

Yakult’s drink can be consumed at any time of day. It can be consumed at any hour of the day. It is high in beneficial bacteria that boost general health and aids in the battle against illnesses. Some of the most important advantages are listed here:-

1. Cardiac friendly: It contains probiotics that assist to reduce inflammation and regulate cholesterol levels. As a result, it lowers the risk of heart disease and improves heart health.

2. Depresses Cancerous cells:- A microbial imbalance in the stomach can predispose the body to autoimmune illnesses, such as cancer. It also implies that probiotics have anti-cancer capabilities and could be a useful therapy in cancer prevention. They prevent malignant tumors from forming in the body and keep the colon’s physiochemical parameters stable. As a result, It can help to prevent lung and colon cancer.

3. Yakult Benefits Anxiety:- It has been discovered that our stomachs and brains have a close association, according to various research papers. 

People can develop neuropsychiatric disorders like anxiety or depression as a result of changes in their gut microbiota. Other research suggests that probiotics can help persons with anxiety symptoms reduce their anxiety score. 

People who take probiotics daily have a lower depression score. It benefits anxiety and stress reduction because it contains a lot of probiotics. Probiotics were found to be more effective than placebo in reducing anxiety in some studies.

After 4-8 weeks, more basic effects of the probiotics, such as improved mood, weight loss, or a reduction in gut barrier inflammation, may appear.

4. Control respiratory tract infection:- One of the most notable benefits is that it reduces the risk of upper-respiratory-tract infections. Probiotics help to maintain microbial balance in the stomach of the host. 

It improves the body’s resistance to pathogens, lowering the likelihood of upper-respiratory-tract infections, particularly in youngsters. As a result, Yakult drink with milk aids in the treatment of respiratory tract infections.

5. Aids Digestive Ailments:- Probiotics relieve constipation by stimulating peristalsis via increasing short-chain fatty acid synthesis, lowering intestinal pH, and improving bile salt metabolism. Some probiotic strains are more effective than others at alleviating constipation symptoms. 

According to several studies, probiotics for constipation can be extremely beneficial. In a study looking at the effectiveness of probiotics for constipation, individuals who took probiotics saw a 70% increase in stool frequency and a 60% increase in stool consistency. Pre-biotic have been shown to improve stool consistency, the frequency of bowel movements, and bloating in patients with persistent idiopathic constipation.

6. Yakult Benefit for Skin:- There’s a saying when you’re clear from the inside, you glow from the outside. This is what the pre-biotic present in the Yakult drink does to our body.

“Probiotics help to maintain a healthy gut, which reduces the number of toxins reabsorbed into the bloodstream.” Toxins obstruct the absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, as well as the body’s ability to eliminate waste, resulting in inflammation.” 

Topical probiotics improve moisture absorption and help to postpone the aging process. Lactic acid improves dry and dull skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles, tightening pores, and exfoliating qualities. They also have hydrating characteristics that help to heal sunburned skin. 

It cleanses the gut and fills it with healthy nutritious gut microbes which improve the skin health that seems like glass clear – tighten skin. 

7. Yakult Benefit for Hair:- According to certain research findings, probiotics are necessary to balance the bacteria on the scalp because healthy scalp skin supports nourished, productive hair follicles, which leads to stronger, more resilient future hair development. Hair growth was boosted by taking probiotics. Hair growth and reversal could be aided by a probiotic supplement that has no side effects such as diarrhea. 

Probiotics increase the release of anti-inflammatory T-cells, which increase the immune system’s effectiveness by fighting off harmful germs, viruses, and bacteria. Another major cause of hair loss, particularly in women, is hormonal imbalance. 

Probiotics aid in the formation of a strong probiotic bacteria lining surrounding the intestines, which promotes thyroid gland function as well as metabolism. All this together promotes air growth and manages the imbalanced hormone level in females. 

Possible Side Effects of Yakult Drink

Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that, when ingested in large doses, give health advantages. They’re available as supplements or in fermented foods like yogurt, kefir, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. 

Yakult drink contains millions of probiotic microorganisms, which are beneficial to overall health. However, It may cause the following adverse effects in some persons. Possible side effects of Yakult drink are mentioned below:-

  • May give rise to unpleasant digestive symptoms like bloating, gas formation.
  • Sometimes it can also be a problem for the individual whose lactose intolerance 
  • Pro-biotic-rich foods are rich in biogenic amines which trigger a headache. Excess consumption of it may be led to the occurrence of a headache.
  • Can be allergic to some individual
  • It may be infectious to those who’re not used to pro-biotic food as it contains bacteria.


It is a fermented drink that was first introduced in 1935 in Fukuoka, Japan, under the Yakult trademark. The original recipe has now been altered, and the iconic 65ml bottles now contain a drink made from water, skimmed milk, glucose-fructose syrup, sucrose, citrus scent, and live bacteria, according to Hong Kong packaging. 

Pro-biotic-rich foods have long been investigated and praised for their beneficial effects on gastrointestinal health, as well as health in general. It comes in two different flavors. It has certain negative effects, including headaches, bloating, and a sensation of unease, in addition to its tremendous health benefits.


1. Is Yakult Good for you?

Yes, It is made up of billions of Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota bacteria that have been evaluated for their capacity to aid digestion and immunity by enhancing the activity of Natural Killer cells, which target viruses and cancer cells.

2. Is Yakult safe for Pregnant women?

Yes, as it is good for digestive health which ultimately reduces heartburn and acidity during pregnancy. 

3. Is Yakult safe to drink every day?

It is a refreshing fermentable drink that can be consumed at any time of day. It should be consumed daily to ensure that probiotics are always present in your intestines.

4. What are some of Yakult’s drawbacks?

Temporary gas, bloating, constipation, and thirst are the most prevalent adverse effects.

5. Can Yakult make you Gain weight?

The Shirota strain of Yakult improves weight loss in youngsters. In obese people, Yakult’s probiotic strain Shirota (LcS) improves weight loss while also boosting lipid metabolism, resulting in weight loss.

6. Is Yakult high in sugar?

Yes, it is high in sugar compared to other health drinks as it has billions of good bacteria and sugar is essential for the growth and maintenance of bacteria. Yakult, a probiotic strain, may help obese pre-diabetics by combating metabolic irregularities. Lactobacillus casei strain Shirota (LcS) may ameliorate some metabolic irregularities in obese pre-diabetic persons, according to a study by Yakult, its impact on glycemic control can also be noticed.


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