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Masturbation Effects on Kidney~Myth or Fact

Masturbation effects on kidney

Regardless of the myths and misconceptions, are there any masturbation effects on kidney? The answer is a resounding “no.” There is no proof that masturbation causes kidney pain, failure, or stone formation.

Is there a masturbation effects on kidney? One of the major myths related to masturbation that is most searched for on the internet is that it affects the kidneys.

Another issue is compulsive masturbation. There is no evidence that masturbation causes kidney pain, failure, or the production of stones.

Masturbation has been extensively investigated, and there is no evidence that it is dangerous from a health standpoint.

Myth and Truth on Masturbation Effects on Kidney

That is no longer the case, but myths and misconceptions continue to clog the minds of both youths and adults.

People still believe that masturbation causes kidney damage because the sexual organs are linked to the kidney via nerves.

People with a penis or vagina can sense some discomfort while masturbating, but it does not mean that the kidney is being affected.

The truth is, the self-sex act is done for the attainment of self-sexual satisfaction with the help of your hand or sex toys in the absence of your partner.

A person with a penis can get thoughts like “masturbation can affect the kidneys,” but that’s not true.

Excessive masturbation can have a few ill consequences but controlled and managed masturbation will not affect the kidney.

A person with a vaginal opening has two openings: one for urine discharge and another for reproduction, intercourse, or other sexual activities such as masturbation.

When a female masturbates too much, it can cause irritability, itchiness, and redness, but it will not affect the kidneys.

There seems to be an end to the number of reasons for the ill condition of the kidney, which seems to be related to masturbation.

Other Myths About Masturbation

1. Excessive Masturbation Can Cause Erectile Dysfunction

A common misconception regarding masturbating is that it might lead to erectile problems (ED). This is sometimes attributed to the fact that it takes some time for males to regain an erection after ejaculating. 

However, this is unrelated to your capacity to do so in the long run. Instead, the period that passes after ejaculation is totally normal. Within twenty minutes, often, you might develop an erection once more.

2. Masturbation Will Cause You To Go Blind

One of the masturbation myths that are most widely believed is that it will make you go blind. However, there is no relationship between masturbation and your eyesight. Studies on this topic have not found a link between masturbation and blindness.

3. Masturbation can make you infertile.

Masturbation has no effect on sperm count or sex drive. Your testicles are constantly producing sperm, and you’ll be replenished shortly after ejaculating.

Pleasure does not affect the health of your sperm. While attempting to make their partner pregnant, males with low sperm counts should limit their ejaculations.

4. Masturbation Can Cause Addiction

One can masturbate excessively, and this is not a myth. It’s rare, but it is possible to develop a masturbation addiction or to masturbate so much that it interferes with your daily life.

You are masturbating excessively if you miss social engagements or skip work or school to masturbate. The same is true if it interferes with your relationships.

5. Masturbation Causes Hair Loss

There are numerous myths surrounding masturbation. Another common misconception is that masturbation causes hair loss.

Furthermore, there is no scientific evidence that masturbation causes hair loss. This myth is based on the belief that sperm contains protein. As a result, the loss of some protein at the end of each masturbation session contributes to this belief.

Several other suggestions were considered. However, no study found that masturbation has a negative impact on hair. 

6. Masturbation Makes You Weak

After masturbating, you could occasionally feel sleepy, but the same thing happens after intercourse. It does not mean that masturbating makes you weak.

Instead, your body releases feel-good hormones like endorphins that can occasionally make it easier to fall asleep.

Masturbation Effects on Kidney Stones

As discussed earlier, there are no masturbation effects on kidney, its mechanism, or kidney stones.

Sometimes when you have a kidney stone and it’s not diagnosed yet, you tend to feel a slight pain near your kidney.

Do not get confused with the pain as a post-effect of masturbation, because kidney pain is typically caused by kidney stones or an infection.

Kidney stones are significantly more common in the general population.

They produce a painful kidney spasm as they pass through the urine system.

Because the ureters and urethra do not have their own nerve terminals, the pain feeling does not occur in a single location.

Instead, it spreads out over a greater area. Back discomfort is common, but you may also experience thigh or testicular pain.

Kidney stones are not caused by masturbation. There is no proof that retrograde ejaculation causes kidney stones in anyone.

Is There Masturbation Effects on Kidney Disease?

There are no direct masturbation effects on the kidney, but excessive masturbation can lead to irritation and discomfort, which can have an effect on the shorter range of the kidney. But it’s very rare.

On the other hand, a person with vaginal discharge does not take good care of hygiene during masturbation, which can cause infections like urinary tract infections, which when left untreated can spread and affect the kidney.

Directly, there has not been a single report of masturbation effects on kidney disease observed to date.

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Benefits of Masturbation

Endorphins are released by your body during an orgasm. These natural compounds can make you feel better by blocking pain receptors in your brain.

 It is equally possible to have an orgasm when masturbating with your fingers or while using sex toys.

Female/male masturbation, like sexual intercourse, may not always result in orgasm. However, as with anything that feels good, your body and mind will respond appropriately!

Masturbation has been linked to a variety of health benefits, including menstrual cramp relief and muscle stress relief, pelvic and anal strengthening, and improved sleep.

Masturbation can also help you relieve sexual tension, increase libido (sexual desire), reduce stress, and improve your body image and self-esteem.

Examine the detailed list of masturbation that can provide for your health. Masturbation has numerous health benefits, both physical and psychological:

  • It improves your mood.
  • It aids in sleep.
  • Reduced desire for junk food
  • Cramping relief
  • Aids in the treatment of female urinary tract infections.
  • Prostate cancer prevention.
  • Restless leg syndrome may be alleviated.
  • It improves your immunity and overall health.

Over Masturbation Side Effects

Masturbation is a pleasant activity, and as such, it can become addictive, especially in the early years of life.

People also use it to relieve loneliness, to get sexually stimulated, and, of course, to relieve boredom.

It is not advisable or acceptable to perform it more than three to four times per week. However, if there is a strong desire to masturbate several times per day, this is cause for concern.

Masturbation has no negative health consequences. Over or excessive masturbation has a negative impact on health.

Do check the list of negative effects of excessive masturbation before indulging yourself too much in this practice.

  • Swollen genital organs
  • Skin redness and tenderness
  • Penile sensitivity has been reduced.
  • Disruption in daily life
  • Night get into trouble
  • Fatigue
  • Lack of attention
  • Guilt trip
  • Testicular pain
  • Bumps near the cervix
  • Infections in the vaginal or urinary tract
  • An ache in the lower back

Does masturbation cause back pain?

If you’re wondering if masturbation causes back pain, look no further. “No, it does not.” There is no scientific evidence that female masturbation causes back pain.

Back pain after masturbation is typically caused by your posture during the act.

However, as previously stated, moderation is essential, as excessive masturbation is harmful to your entire body and can cause back pain.

Feel free to relieve this back pain with a light stretch or by using a heating pad to soothe the area.

Does masturbation cause stomach pain?

There is no evidence that can prove that masturbation causes stomach pain.

But when a person performs self-sexual acts, it tends to change the hormone level in the body, which causes orgasm that can sometimes result in cramping and discomfort.

Results in the form of pain, discomfort, and cramping are subjective.

Over Masturbation Side Effects on Eyes

Let us also debunk the myth that masturbation causes poor vision. Masturbation has yet to be scientifically proven to have a negative impact on the eyes. 

But excessive masturbation is said to cause oxidative stress, which damages the inner layer of the eyes.

This is where the rods that absorb light from the surroundings to stabilize visual input are installed.

When these are damaged, people experience blurry vision, squiggly lines, and other symptoms of poor eyesight.

Does female masturbation cause weakness?

According to studies, ejaculating in excess causes your body to feel weak because it contains vital minerals and vitamins.

Weakness cannot be the result of masturbation if it is not frequently performed.

If it is being done again and again without a proper routine, then it can cause loss of concentration, weakness, and fatigue.

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What to Eat After Masturbation to Get Energy

You can continue with your regular diet. No special food items or diet are required for masturbation.

But if you’re feeling weak after masturbation, then the first thing you need to do is to decrease the frequency of masturbation, and then start taking protein-rich foods, good fats, and multivitamins.

You need to focus on minerals like zinc, copper, and vitamin B. Good sleep can also help you a lot.

A few examples of foods that you can include in your diet to fight back weakness and gain energy are as follows:

  • Dates
  • Egg
  • Nuts
  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Tuber and root
  • Milk and milk products


I hope this clarifies the masturbation effects on kidney myths and facts. Masturbation is not the same as sexual intercourse.

It may not cause kidney disease, but if you become addicted to it, it will undoubtedly have negative consequences.

One of the most common misconceptions about masturbation is that it can cause a urinary tract infection or renal problems.

Furthermore, if you ever experience pain in your lower back after masturbating, it is most likely due to the position you select.

It is acceptable as long as it does not cause negative emotions or become an addiction or habit.

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1. Does female masturbation cause hormonal imbalance?

The effect appears to be transitory and has no long-term health concerns. One study examined hormonal changes after masturbating after abstinence. The findings suggest that any hormonal changes caused by masturbation are transitory and minor. Masturbation that results in orgasm can stimulate the synthesis of hormones such as oxytocin and prolactin, but it’s temporary.

2. Does masturbation affect immunity?

There is no evidence yet that can prove that masturbation affects immunity. It can only make you feel good.

3. Does masturbation affect hair?

There are many myths surrounding masturbation, but is there any truth behind the claim that masturbation does not cause hair loss  Masturbation does not affect hair in any way.

4. Is there an effect of masturbation on memory?

Masturbation does not have an effect on any type of cognitive impairment. But the loss of concentration has been subjectively observed.

5. Is there a masturbation side effect on nerves?

Controlled masturbation will not affect nerves, but excessive masturbation can lead to mood disorders, irritability, too much sexual urge, and erectile dysfunction.

6. Does Female Masturbation Cause Infection?

Unclear/unhygienic hands or sex toys can cause infection, or else when clean and sanitized are used, it is healthy and pleasurable.


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