10 Healthy Alternatives to Sugar

June 24, 2022

By: Ashwani Kumar

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Most Americans consume far too much-refined sugar in the form of white sugar and high fructose corn syrup (HFCS). These sweeteners are commonly found in sugary cereals, sweet snacks, and desserts.

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Stevia is a natural sweetener derived from the leaves of the South American shrub Stevia rebaudiana. It is calorie-free, up to 450 times sweeter than sugar, and may taste slightly different.


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Polyols, or sugar alcohols, are a type of carbohydrate found naturally in fruits and vegetables. Erythritol, Xylitol, and maltitol are commonly used as sugar substitutes.

Sugar Alcohols

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The Yacon plant, which is native to South America, is used to make yacon syrup. Its sweet flavor, dark color, and thick consistency make it similar to molasses.

Yacon Syrup

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Honey has a lower glycemic index (GI) than table sugar. These characteristics may make it healthier than refined sugar. Use honey in moderation because it is still high in sugar and calories.


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Maple syrup is a thick, sugary liquid made by boiling maple tree sap. It has a slightly lower GI than regular sugar, but it should be used in moderation as with any sweetener.

Maple Syrup

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Date sugar is made from dehydrated dates that have been ground into granules. Date syrup is a delicious addition to smoothies, cookies, baked goods, and cakes.

Date Sugar

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When stirred into tea or coffee, or sprinkled over a waffle or pancake, the earthy flavors of coconut sugar can add a may bring a whole new level of flavor.

Coconut Sugar

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Molasses is a thick, syrup-like liquid that is sweet and brown. Overall, molasses is a good substitute for refined sugar, but you should limit your intake because it is still sugar.


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Fig is made up of very simple carbohydrates that are easily broken down. This means that it will not raise your insulin levels in the same way that processed sugar would.


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Jaggery is a natural sugar substitute made from sugar cane. Try these natural and healthy sugar substitutes to maintain your health, especially if you are diabetic or on weight loss.


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