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A weight-loss diet plan is not about eating less or consuming low calorie, it is all about eating what is right and what suits your body type.
We at “Smartfitness Aura”, take extra care in curating the best and convenient diet plan with a dedicated approach. But wait! Before delving into that in detail, let us understand why most of the individuals fail to lose weight even after adopting a proper weight loss program.

Falling Prey To Fad Diets

One of the major reasons for weight loss is falling prey to Fad Diets. Such diets come with a dramatic weight loss program without any scientific evidence and can be dangerous dietary advice. This ‘quick fix’ regime of weight loss may not suit the body type an individual possesses. It also sends a wrong message of starvation which eventually may lead to storing more fat. 

Setting Unrealistic Goals

Most of the individuals do not have a clear vision of how much weight they need to lose for leading a healthier life. This seems critical in the weight loss diet plan journey. It is advisable not to set unrealistic goals like losing 10 kgs in 1 month. That is not weight loss. That seems more of a forceful commitment to adhere to. 

Failing To Nourish The Body

This is of utmost importance and needs a suitable concern. Losing weight doesn’t mean you need to hate yourself for what you are. Remember you want to lose weight to be healthy and not to starve yourself. It is important to feed your body with the necessary amount of fats and carbohydrates so that it helps in smoothing the process of the weight loss program. 

How Our Diet Plan Can Help You Achieve Your Weight Loss Goal Easily?

We at Smartfitness Aura have a different and unique approach towards the weight loss regime. Here we don’t focus upon strict and unnecessary weight loss programs. We believe every individual has their issues (both physical and mental). The weight loss journey should not impact any of the individuals psychologically This is where our customized diet plan for weight loss will help them to choose their favorite food but in a balanced manner. We focus not on calorie counting gestures but are keen towards offering the right set of mindset coupled with a balanced meal. No more you need to remain confused about which diet plan will suit your body type. With expert food and nutrition professionals, we aim to keep motivating every weight loss enthusiast to support them for their passion for fitness. Our motto lies in not eating less but eating what’s right. 

How do The Programs work?

We tend to provide customized diet programs keeping in mind certain elements like-

Medical Condition

It is our topmost priority to research the past medical conditions of each of the individuals to know them better. Most dieticians(not the professional ones) tend to skip that part which eventually leads to future complications. We customized the diet in such a way so that it is easy to adapt and follow. This is also done keeping in in mind the nutritional requirements. 

Creating a Balance Diet 

Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner are the three important meals of the entire day. We tend to curate a properly balanced diet having a healthy wholesome breakfast, lunch, and dinner according to your likes and dislikes. Here, we don’t tend to put pressure on our clients and make them understand the benefits of a systematic diet. We tend to adjust the diet so that seamlessly it becomes a part of your life. It should not be boring but an enjoyable weight journey we guaranteed. 

Diet For Homemakers And Office Goers

The best thing about our diet plan is that we have several customized plans for both homemakers and office goers. For maintaining a proper fitness goal, it is important to fall in love with your fitness regime. This is where SmartFitness Aura can help you out to achieve your goals no matter what. Within weeks we will start feeling the difference and can step ahead for a healthier life. 

Our Weight Gain Services will include:

  • Initial consultation and briefing.
  • Customized diet plan according to your food preferences.
  • 1 follow up in a week to ensure you are on a right track.
  • Unlimited chat support during working hours.
  • A pocket friendly and easily accessible diet plan.                                                                                                   

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