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The List of 10 Best Gluten Free Cereal

Gluten free cereal

Gluten is a protein that can be found in wheat, rye, and barley. It gives meals flexibility, causes bread to rise, and adds a chewy texture to foods.  Gluten causes celiac disease by destroying the lining of the small intestine, resulting in nutritional deficits and a myriad of other issues.  People who haven’t been diagnosed

Sendha Namak (Rock Salt)- Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Sendha Namaka

When saltwater from a sea or lake evaporates, leaving behind colored sodium chloride crystals, sendha namak is created. It is also known as rock salt, halite, or saindhava lavana. Although Himalayan pink salt is one of the most well-known forms of rock salt, there are several more. Sendha namak is great for keeping your skin

All You Need to Know About New Covid-19 Variant B.1.1.529 [Omicron]

omicron variant

What is the Omicron Virus? On November 26, 2021, WHO identified variant B.1.1.529, also known as the Omicron variant, as a variant of concern. As other countries, including the United States, register their first cases, the Omicron virus has fueled a “worrying” spike in coronavirus cases in South Africa, local health experts have stated. A

11 Amazing Benefits of adding Isabgol (Psyllium husk) to Your Diet


What is Isabgol? Psyllium husk, commonly known as Isabgol, is made from the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant. It comes from the Sanskrit words “asp” and “ghol,” which signify “horse blossom” when combined. The plant’s leaves are tall and narrow, and it contains about 70% dietary fibers and 30% fiber. It’s a plant that

14 Health Benefits of Jujube Fruit (Ber)

jujube fruit

What is Jujube Fruit? Jujube fruit is a crop that belongs to the Rhamnaceae family. Jujube has been used as a traditional healthful meal for a long time.  As a result, jujube processing to product is one of the best solutions for long-term storage. The purpose of this review is to illustrate the nutritional value

10 Health Benefits of Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit

What is Dragon Fruit? The dragon fruit (Hylocereus spp. ), also referred to as pitaya or pitahaya, is increasing in popularity in several countries, including Thailand, which has a climate that is perfect for cultivating tropics and subtropics fruits in general, and dragon fruits in particular. Betacyanin, a red/purple pigment with anti-oxidative effects, is another

12 Health Benefits of Curry Leaves (Kadi Patta)

curry leaves

What are Curry Leaves? Curry leaves, that ubiquitous aromatic staple in Indian kitchens, have a plethora of health and therapeutic benefits. The vernacular names for this tree are Kadi Patta or Meetha Neem in Hindi, Kariveppilai in Tamil, or Karivempu in Malayalam native to India, Sri Lanka, and many other southeast Asian nations. This leaf