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Amazing Health Benefits of Bhringraj


What is Bhringraj

Bhringraj, also referred to as ‘false daisy,’ is an ancient wonder plant that is highly advised for maintaining lustrous, silky, and thick hair. It’s a therapeutic plant that flourishes in damp environments. The leaf is thought to be a potent liver cleanser in Ayurveda, and the oil is especially helpful for hair. In Ayurvedic medicine and medical advances, the oil has a specific significance. The botanical name of this herb is “Eclipta Alba”. Bhringraj has various other synonyms like Bhangra, Thistles, Maka, False Daisy, Markav, Angarak, Bungrah, Kesuti, Babri, Ajagara, Balari, Mockhand, Trailing Eclipta, Eclipta, Prostrata.

Nutrition Value of Bhringraj

It is enriched with vitamin D, E, calcium, magnesium & iron. It also has bioactive compounds like alkaloids, flavonoids, polyacetylenes, etc. It is also rich in protein which promotes hair growth. Bhringraj is also low in calorie and glycemic profile hence has proven positive effects on diabetes patients due to its Tikta (bitter), Deepan (appetizer), and Pachan (digestive) properties. Its Ushna (warm), Deepan (appetizer), and Pachan (metabolism) qualities aid to promote a good digestive process and appetites. Its Rechana (laxative) function also helps to avoid diarrhea & congestion. Because of its Rasayana (rejuvenation) properties, Bhringraj can help you maintain your overall health.

How to Identify the Bhringraj Plant

Bhringaraj is a creeping herb that can reach 3 meters high with grey roots. It has a tall stalk with white flowers that are single, winged, and around 6 to 8 mm wide. Sessile, lance-shaped, and placed in the reverse direction, the leaflets are sessile. It has distinct cylindrical roots that are greyish. The herb is usually found in India, China, Nepal, Thailand, and Brazil, where it grows in damp areas. It belongs to the sunflower family. It is divided into three categories based on the color white (shwet), yellow (peeth), and blue (neel). They are found in damp and dark places.

Uses of Bhringraj

1. Uses of Bhringraj as Powder Because of its Keshya (hair growth stimulator) properties, Bhringraj powder can help prevent hair loss. Its Ushna (hot), Deepan (appetizer), and Pachan (digestion) attribute help to maintain good digestive health and insatiable hunger. Its Rechana (laxative) function also helps to avoid congestion. It can be blended with water to make a paste that can be applied to the hair and scalp. It strengthens the hair and scalp, and it can aid in hair growth and the elimination of dermatitis & dandruff. Doses recommended for best result:-  ¼- ½ tsp twice a day. Have it empty stomach with normal or lukewarm water (100ml water). If you want to apply it to your hair then soak the powder overnight. 2. Uses of Bhringraj as Oil Bhangra oil has anti-bacterial-fungal properties, which can aid in flaking [dandruff] reduction. Psoriasis [type of skin disease which generally occurs at a joint like elbow, knees, etc. & symptoms include redness, itchiness, and burning sensation] and other skin irritations on the scalp can benefit from the oil’s anti-inflammatory qualities.  Recommended Doses: Apply oil to your scalp twice per week. Use for at least 4-6 months for best results. It prevents hair from graying prematurely. 3. Uses of Bhringraj Leaves This plant’s bioactive components not only promote tissue regeneration but also aid in the healing process. For speedy recovery from peptic ulcers, or skin ulcers apply the juice or paste of Bhringraj leaves straight to the ulcer or prepare an ointment (paste-like structure) of the leaves and wrap it to the wound (infected area). It can be used as a liver tonic to treat liver problems such as enlargement of fatty liver, cirrhosis, and jaundice. It acts by improving bile flow and regulating Pitta & Vata.  Recommended Doses: – It is recommended to chew 4 leaves daily, early in the morning on an empty stomach. 4. Uses of Bhringraj as Juice Juice is a solution made from the leaves or floral extracts of the Bhringraj plant. It stimulates hunger and facilitates metabolism. It can also help you avoid seasonal infections, coughs, cold & flu illnesses. Recommended Doses:-It is recommended that you take it 2 or 3 times a day, before eating. Honey, jaggery, haritaki powder, mishri, or milk can all be consumed with it. You can apply 2 tbsp of juice mixed with other oil and apply it to the scalp for better hair health. Juice can also be consumed empty stomach diluted with water (5ml juice with 50 ml water) for good intestinal health. 5. Uses of Bhringraj as Capsule Capsules are recommended for those who are smell sensitive and who do not like the taste of Bhringraj. Effects are similar to powder and juice but its bioavailability (gets absorbed easily by the intestinal mucosal layer) gets increased. Recommended Doses:- It is recommended to consume 1-2 capsules daily for better & positive results. Bhringraj

Health Benefits of Bhringraj

1. Palliative for headaches:- Make a paste of Bhringraj powder and coconut oil and apply to the forehead for migraine relief. This aids in the alleviation of headaches. You can also apply 4-5 drops of oil on your forehead and massage. 2. Good for eyesight:- Bhringraj’s powerful Chakushya qualities make it particularly good for strengthening eyesight. It also prevents macular degeneration. 3. Good for skin:– Its antibacterial and antimicrobial qualities are important in the treatment of skin conditions. It has an important role in blood detoxification and wound repair. It calms clogged pores and heals infections including eczema, boils, acne, dermatitis, rashes, sunburn and offers a healthy, vibrant, and revitalized skin when applied as a paste of the leaves or juice. 4. Anti-diabetic in nature:- Blood glucose levels were significantly reduced after 60 days of oral administration of Eclipta alba leaf solutions/extract (2 and 4 g/kg body, a single dose of the extract was observed to reduce blood glucose levels by 17.6% after 5 hours of oral ingestion). It also aids in the reduction of high blood glucose, HbA1C [glucose attached to hemoglobin], urea, and uric acid concentrations.  Doses:- a.) Take a quarter to half tsp of Bhringraj powder. b.) Combine with water and consume twice daily after light meals. 5. Maintains the health of GIT:– Here GIT stands for the gastrointestinal tract. Ingestion of it helps in maintaining digestive health. Bhringraj is particularly good for boosting gastrointestinal tract efficiency. Digestion, permeation, assimilation, and waste excretion are all aided by its consumption. It also helps to avoid chronic gastritis, heartburn, abdominal discomfort, nausea, and other stomach problems. You might also like: Acid Reflux dietary Modification  Doses:– a.)Take a quarter to half tsp. of eclipta Alba powder. b.)Combine with water and consume twice daily after light meals. 6. Cardiac friendly:– Because of its powerful anti-oxidative properties, it has a considerable therapeutic benefit in the treatment of many cardiac diseases. It lowers blood pressure, lowers triglycerides, stimulates the cardiac muscle, and inhibits lipid accumulation in the blood arteries, lowering the risk of heart attacks, heart blocks, blood clots, and other cardiovascular problems. It also aids in the reduction of triglyceride levels in the bloodstream. Regularly consuming this powerful leaf extract in water with honey is incredibly beneficial to cardiovascular health. 7. Promotes respiratory health:- Bhringraj is rich in antimicrobial qualities, is particularly effective at preventing infections, and therefore plays an important role in the treatment of respiratory illnesses such as cough and cold symptoms, bronchitis, asthma, and pneumonia. Anti-inflammatory qualities also aid in lowering bronchial irritation and relaxing the body. 8. Restrict dysentery:- It is one of the most competent medications for controlling dysentery. It destroys the causative agent Entamoeba histolytica, clears its traces from the liver and intestine, and avoids the inactive amoeba from remaining inside the gastrointestinal tract and causing further complications in the case of amoebic dysentery. Its juice combined with honey aids in the relief of dysentery problems. 9. Constitute antiulcerative properties:– It is rich in antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-ulcer qualities, is useful in treating a variety of ulcers, including acid reflux, peptic ulcers canker sores (Similar to mouth ulcer-generally occurs at the inner tissue of cheeks), or mouth ulcers, ulcerative colitis, and so on. This plant’s bioactive compounds not only promote tissue regeneration but also aid in the healing process. For speedy ulcer healing, apply the juice or paste of bhringraj leaves directly to the ulcer or prepare an ointment/paste of the leaves and tie it to the wound. 10. Neuropharmacological property:- The memory-enhancing properties of an aqueous leaf extract of Eclipta alba have been researched. 100 and 200 mg extract solution in water doses (per kg body weight) is recommended. It is a conventional treatment for improving brain-cognitive function. Its high proportion of phytonutrients and flavonoids helps a person’s memory, attentiveness, concentration, tranquilly, and alertness. It increases memory, reasoning, problem-solving, and other cognitive capacities as a brain tonic and stimulant. The plant’s neuroprotective components prevent memory loss by enhancing mitochondrial activity, which prevents Alzheimer’s disease. 11. Anti-malarial Activity: Plasmodium berghei was used to assess the anti-malarial activity of E. alba leaf extract. The methanol extract (when it is mixed with methanol, standards solution is prepared – 10ml of Bhringraj juice is added to 100ml of distilled water then consumed twice, daily by the individual who is suffering from malaria, gets recovered easily). 12. Anti-venomous Property:– Bhringaraj’s antibacterial, pain-relieving, and anti-inflammatory characteristics make it a must-have herb for treating scorpion stings, snake bites, and even bug bites and stingsCrotalus durissus terrificus [Responsible for blindness, paralysis, inhibition of blood flow] venom [Snake poison] phospholipase A2 [proteinaceous venom responsible for an instant decreasing level of mammalian enzymes] activity has been reported to be inhibited by extract of E. alba. 13. Anti-cancerous in nature:– As discussed earlier it is high in antioxidants and phytochemicals. It reduces the risk rate of cancer. 30-45ug/ml is recommended to inhibit cancerous properties. The plant extract has the potential for preventing cancer metastasis (rapid and unstoppable growth of carcinogenic cells). 14. Miscellaneous Phytochemical property:-It is rich in Oleanolic and ursolic acids. Ursolic acid has anticancer, cytotoxic, neoplastic[anti-tumor], anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-wrinkle, anti-HIV, acetylcholinesterase, glucosidase, antibacterial, and hepato-protective effects, according to various research findings. Oleanolic acids protect the heart and prevent malignant cells development by inhibiting oncogenic stimuli.

Overall doses for Internal Health

  • 5ml-10ml diluted with water
  • 2 times/daily
  • 2-3 tbsp. Mixed with lukewarm water
  • 1tbspn in the morning before breakfast & 1 tbsp in the evening before dinner.
  • 4-5 leaves empty stomach before having breakfast[once in a day]
  • Fresh leaves are recommended to consume only once in a day as it is high in its properties as compared to powder & capsules.
  • 2 capsules per day
  • 1-1 Capsule in the morning and evening respectively.

Bhringraj oil for Hair

Bhringraj (also known as Mahabhringraj hair oil) oil is extracted from the leaves of the Bhringraj plant, which is grown in humid tropical areas all over the world. In Ayurvedic medicine and medical science, oil has unique importance. It is high in minerals including iron, vitamin E[tocopherol], magnesium, polypeptides, steroids, calcium, and vitamin D. The oil is also high in proteins, making it even better for hair. Bhringraj oil has a plethora of hair-friendly properties. Hair fall, premature greying, split ends, and baldness are all difficulties that can be avoided with this product. It also promotes hair development by strengthening the roots of your hair. Amla oil or shikakai oil mixed with it & are two herbal bhringraj oil mixtures that are currently accessible. Its calming properties make it very beneficial for stress-related migraines. Male pattern baldness and scalp problems respond well to a warm massage with this oil. It feeds the hair and scalp while also soothing the mind, reducing hair loss, and promoting hair growth properties. Bhringraj

Benefits of Bhringraj Oil for Hair

1. Dandruff and dry scalp are treated with Eclipta Alba oil:- When compared to other oils, Bhringraj oil is thick and has a greater specific viscosity. As a result, it can alleviate dryness by penetrating deep into the scalp. To treat dandruff, warm bhringraj oil and apply it to the hair.  2. Aids male pattern baldness:- Blood circulation is improved by a regular massage with this oil. These minerals in the oil aid to promote hair development. It successfully increases blood flow in the scalp and hair follicles, which feeds the roots by bringing in more nutrients via the blood flow and promotes hair growth. 3. Prevent Hair Fall:- Bhringraj oil is a one-stop shop for preventing hair loss. It successfully reduces Vata and Kapha doshas, cools the scalp, and lowers stress levels, all of which are major causes of hair loss. It nourishes hair follicles, improves blood circulation in the scalp, prevents scalp stiffness, and thereby lowers hair loss. Doses:-a.) Apply powder, paste, or oil to your scalp two to three times a week. b.) Apply this for a minimum of 4-6 months for best results. 4. Encourages hair growth:- The oil is known to stimulate vasodilation, which is a process in which blood vessels enlarge, allowing more blood to flow to the hair roots. This method encourages hair growth. 5. Aids hair from graying:- Bhringraj aids in the prevention of hair graying. Because of its Rasayana [rejuvenation therapy] function, it can help revitalize hair. It is used to make black hair dye. This oil prevents graying of hair when coupled with Indigo, Balloon Vine, and Amla. 6. Hair becomes shiny as a result of using oil:- It is nutrient-dense, providing deep conditioning and bringing out the natural shine of hair. A traditional Ayurvedic remedy with strong herbs like Bhringraj and Amla distilled into unadulterated Sesame oil is the key to Indian’s lustrous hair. Bringadi oil is the name given to this preparation. It is also added with virgin coconut oil for more added benefits in the ratio 3:7, which means 30ml Bhangra added with 70ml of coconut oil. 7. Damaged hair can be repaired:- If your hair is dry, fragile, and losing volume quickly, you may be suffering from frizz and other damage. Many reasons can cause hair damage, including excessive use of heat styling products, exposure to sunlight, and using the wrong products. Using a natural hair cleanser using these herb infusions, such as Bringadi Hair Cleanser, is reported to be useful in addressing a variety of hair damage issues. Bringadi Hair Cleanser, which is infused with Bhringraj herb, has been clinically shown to increase natural hair volume by 5 times and hair tensile strength by 6 times.

How to make Bhringraj oil

It is recognized as the “King of Herbs” and is used in Vedic medicine to treat cardiac, hepatic, circulatory tract, nerves, and other illnesses. It greatly improves the length, strength, and shine of hair when administered to the scalp. Bhangra oil is typically made by combining and heating a Bhangra leaf extract with an inert carrier oil like coconut or sesame oil. A handful of Bhangra leaves or 3 teaspoons of Bhangra powder, one cup[100ml] of coconut oil, and a tspn. of fenugreek seeds are all you’ll need to prepare this oil. Following are the steps necessary to prepare bhringraj oil:- STEP 1:- Take 100 ml of coconut oil STEP 2:- Take 5-8gm of bhangra leaves [ 25-35 leaves] STEP 3:- Cut them or grind them into a paste STEP 4:- Heat a pan STEP 5:- Pour coconut oil into it STEP 6:- Add bhangra leaves STEP 7:- Let it boil for 15- 20minutes STEP 8:- Keep it on the flame till the color turns green and coconut oil start smelling like bhangra. STEP 9:- Add 8-10 fenugreek seeds, instead of fenugreek seeds you can add amla powder, hibiscus powder, reetha powder into it[ it depends upon choice] STEP 10:- Turn the flame off, let it cool and sieve it STEP 11:- Store it in an airtight container for more than a month STEP 12:- For better results, use twice a week.

Precaution while using Bhringraj

  • Do not consume orally without the concern of a doctor or any other health expert.
  • If you feel uneasy in the stomach after drinking juice then avoid consuming it.
  • Do not apply hot bhangra oil directly on the scalp, let it cool down then apply.
  • Always dilute bhangra juice with lukewarm water.
  • A person who gets easily affected by cold should not consume it daily. Have capsules on alternate days. Avoid consuming juice or powder as they are unprocessed and can affect you more.

Side Effects of Bhringraj

  • Generally, it does not have any side effects but it can show adverse effects if some contradictory drugs are being taken along with bhangra. It occurs due to the drug & the inter-molecular interaction of bhangra.
  • Sometimes led to allergies- itchiness, irritation, redness. After applying oil if you feel any of the above-mentioned symptoms then quickly wash your hair with shampoo and cold water and stop continuing using it.
  • Consumption of excess bhangra juice sometimes led to heartburn and salty reflux. Do not consume more than recommended doses.
  • Individuals who are allergic to it sometimes may have to suffer from mild blood clotting.


Bhringraj is also known as the king of hair oil. It is loaded with nutrients like vitamin D, tocopherol, iron, and many more. It can grow up to 3 meters and have a resemblance to a small sunflower. It possesses little flowers. It has 3 varieties of flowers colored white, yellow & blue. The botanical name of this herb is “Eclipta Alba”. It has various bioactive components like alkaloids, polyacetylene, flavonoids, etc. It provides various health benefits like aids in digestion, urinary tract infection, migraines, cardiac health, anti-diabetic, GIT, respiratory ailments, dysentery, and many more. It can be consumed & used in powders, juice, capsule, leaves, and oils. Apart from aiding other internal health benefits, it is widely used for hair in the form of oil. As it promotes hair growth, reduces hair fall, keeps the scalp healthy and dandruff free, improves hair damage. It is always advised to consume as per recommended doses. Do not use it for internal use without the concern of a doctor or any other health experts.   Reference Source Url 1 Reference Source Url 2 Reference Source Url 3 Reference Source Url 4 Reference Source Url 5 Reference Source Url 6 Reference Source Url 7 Reference Source Url 8


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