10-Simple and Best Exercise to Lose Weight at Home

Top 10 Effective Best Exercise to Lose Weight at Home

Obesity is a common problem in our lives, as most of the people suffer from heavy weight or obesity. We all love to stay fit but all we can say is gaining is easier but losing the weight isn’t easy. So here in this content we will deliver the information about some of the best exercise to lose weight at home that will help you to reduce the weight faster and  to stay fit.

To reduce the weight, machines are very helpful, with that you can easily lose your weight. So, below we have mentioned 3 different machines, and with the help of these you can easily lose weight in a short span of time. 

3- Machine Exercise Which you can do at Home Easily


  1. Treadmill:- This machine is indeed a useful one, by running  over 30 minutes on this treadmill regularly will help you to lose weight faster. Running on treadmill will improve your cardio health as you can stay fit. Females who don’t get time to visit Gym on a daily basis they can easily place this machine at home and can do some sort of exercise anytime. This is the best machine for exercise to lose weight at home for female, and this is a portable machine which you can shift it from one place to another easily.
  2.  Exercise cycle:- This is another very helpful machine, you just have to sit comfortably on the sits and paddle the cycle, you can even add more resistance that will help you to reduce much faster than any other mode. If you love to ride bicycle but hardly find time to go on morning or evening walk because of the hectic schedule, Then this is the best cycle for you, exercise cycle help in decreasing the fat from the legs, hands as it reduces weight from the whole body where the fat is stored. This is also one of the easy and best exercise to lose weight at home faster and using this machine regularly will make your slimmer and beautiful.
  3.  Stationary bikes:- This is also a very helpful machine as a part of your best exercise to lose weight at home, that will make you slim and healthy. These bikes offer you the best workout experiences at home and have the least impact on joints. If you are suffering from knee pain then this is the perfect bike that will suit your health.  This cycle will reduce weight from your body parts including thighs, hands, muscles etc. This workout slowly but effectively, if you maintain a proper diet plan and workout regularly you can easily burn calories in a couple of weeks. 

So, these are some of the machines, on which you can do daily exercise and burn your extra calorie. You can also check your weight loss calories burned to keep yourself motivated by following these machine exercise And now if you want to lose weight at home, you can even do some exercise that we have mentioned below.

10 Simple and Easy Exercise that you can Easily do at Home


Best Exercise to lose weight at home
Surya Namaskar


Surya Namaskar:- It is one of the most common and best exercise to lose weight at home that actually reduce weight from various parts of the body. We all heard that it is basic yoga asanas but it works magically on our body parts.

This exercise works magically and very helpful in weight loss, it will boost your immune power and strengthen your ligaments and skeletal system. This is the best way to balance your body and makes your body active. This is the best and easy exercise to lose weight fast at home and make your body slimmer and beautiful. 


Best Exercise to Lose Weight at Home


Crunches:- This a very effective exercise that help in reducing your weight faster, you just need to lie on the back and bend the knees and the hands should be behind your head. After taking this position slowly lift your shoulder and bend your legs towards your ribcage.

Repeat this process for at least 30 times regularly. This is an easy exercise to lose weight from stomach without much difficulty you can easily shape up.


Best Exercise to lose weight at home
Boat Pose


Boat Pose:- Boat pose is a very effective exercise, for females, if you are tensioned because of your heavy you can start with this posture. For this you just need to lie on a mat and slowly lift your legs as well as shoulder and stay for at least 1 min on this posture. Do this exercise regularly and get fit, this is one of the easy and the best exercise for weight loss at home for females.


Best Exercise to lose weight at home


Plank:Get rid of bulging tummy? Don’t worry this exercise will help you to get rid of extra fat that has been stored in your belly and thigh portion. This is the best exercise to lose weight from stomach. To do this exercise effectively, you just need to follow the steps that are mentioned below;-

  • Get down on the floor with your hands and the balls of the feet.
  • Keep your back and body in a straight position and your hands should below your shoulder.
  • And keep your abs tight abdomen button sucked in.




Squats:– Worried about your heavy weight on thighs and butts? Don’t worry if you do squats regularly your weight from thighs and butts will vanish. It is lower body exercise, if you are a fitness freak than you can go with this exercise.

This exercise is mostly popular among athletes and bodybuilders. Men who want to get a perfect body weight than this is the best exercise to lose weight at home for men.

Best exercise to lose weight at home


Skipping:- We all have heard about this exercise and this is the most popular exercise. Skipping can burn more calories than any other workout. Start everyday with 5 minutes and slowly increase the time, you will see how effective this exercise is working on you. Make sure you do it regularly and control your diet then within a week you can see the result.


Best exercise to lose weight at home
Walking launges


Walking lunges:- Walking lunges is very effective exercise for this you just need a pair of dumbbells and take a big step forward with your right leg. Bend both knees to lower into a lunge and keep weight in front heel. Press through front heel to stand and repeat this process with your left foot. This is an easy and best exercise to lose weight at home and make your body beautiful and fit. 


Best Exercise to lose weight at home
Jumping jack


Jumping jacks:-  want to reduce weight faster? Go ahead and do this exercise regularly and your body fat will vanish within a couple of weeks. This is the best exercise to lose weight at home in  1 week if you want to reduce your weight faster. Just follow the steps:-

  • Stand with your back in an upright position and keep your abs tight and feet together.
  • Not jump and open your feet wide while jumping.
  • And also lift your arms above your head.
  • Jump until you feel tired and thirsty.
Split jump


Split jumps:- You don’t need any equipment to perform this exercise, and to perform this you just need stairs. This is easy and exciting to do for this come on lunge position with left leg forward, bend both knees Swing arms by sides and explosively drive off the ground, switching feet in the air. Repeat this process regularly and get your desired shape in a couple of weeks. 


Best exercise to lose weigh at home


Push-ups:- Want to get feel of gym? With the same time want strong muscle? Than this exercise is for you, this is one of the best exercises to lose weight at home and make you slimmer and beautiful. So here are the steps:-

  • Get in a position of plank.
  • Bend your elbows as you lower your body towards the floor.
  • Press back up and keep your arms straight.

Make sure with these exercises you also have to control on your diet. If you eat oily or junk food then you won’t be able to achieve your desired figure. But if you keep your diet without taking high calorie food you will easily be losing the extra kilos from your body with this weight lose exercise at home.


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